# Installing Huff

The Huff Compiler (opens new window) is built in Rust to create an extremely performant experience compiling huff.

Installation of the compiler is similar to that of Foundry (opens new window).

First, install huffup, a version control manager for the Huff Compiler:

curl -L get.huff.sh | bash

NOTE: This installs the huffup binary, but does not guarantee it is added to your path. If you get an error like huffup: command not found, you will need to source your path by running source ~/.bashrc or source ~/.zshrc. Alternatively, you can open a new terminal window.

Now, with huffup installed and in your path, you can simply run huffup to install the latest stable version of huffc (the huff compiler).

🎉 TADA, Huff is installed! 🎉

To verify for yourself that it's installed, run huffc --help to view the help menu.

If you get an error, or it is not installing correctly, send a message in the #help channel of the Huff Language Discord Server (opens new window).

To get started compiling Huff Contracts, check out compiling (opens new window).

To diver deeper into the compiler's cli abilities, check out the cli docs (opens new window).